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       From a dream to reality...       


MadonHerbs is a small family company based in the Far North that

produces a range of natural handmade products.


Donna Tyler is a degree qualified Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons) who

uses natural herbs and ingredients, which are either wild gathered,

naturally cultivated on our land or sourced from the best quality producers.


Donna’s passion for all things herbal show in every remedy she makes and she is a strong advocate of there being a herb for everyone and loves to connect the herb with the person. She loves to talk about the use of herbs in everyday lives and has formulated a range of herbal teas that not only taste great but support the body's day to day wellbeing.


We are very careful where we source our raw materials and try and buy local wherever we can and because I make my own products, I care about my own health as well as everyone else’s.

Creams, Balms and Herbal teas.


All of our products come from a need for organic plant based medicine to be incorporated in a product that works, last a long time and is affordable.


Each of our products started as a problem to be solved for either ourselves, family, friends and sometimes our customers. Our 5 Oil range came to life during chemo for me, I needed something that smelt good and did not irritate and was not thick.


Our Breath easy Balm was a request from a friend who had sick little ones.


Our products begin as a need to heal


Ethically sourced fair trade natural ingredients, Shea butter from Africa, Cocoa butter from South America, Local organic olive oil,  herbs from the best companies.

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